More Belief is the Graphic Recording Company of Timothy Foss

Visual stories for people who gather together in real life.

If you still believe in gathering people together, you know a person is more than their expertise, analysis, or productivity. You understand connection. But you still risk wasting their time and talent when they stop everything to show up. I create images that bring clarity, artistry, and imagination to people who gather together—in real life. I create a visual story about your event while it’s happening. I demonstrate active listening that’s contagious. When the people you invited are inspired to listen openly, they return to work more connected and generous with a story to share. This is what productivity looks like.


The Big Picture

Graphic Recording is for every kind of organization.

Graphic Recording is for everyone. I do not understand the specific language or culture of your organization, and I don’t know what to draw. At least not yet! Every time a group gathers, it is unique, like a work of art. I understand that art making is a practice. So illustrating hundreds of stories from every sector has taught me how to learn what to draw as I listen. Your gathering will teach me what I need to know, so unless you want to customize something, there is no need to prepare me with anything more than an agenda and a conversation about where and how I will illustrate it.


The picture of health

Graphic Recording for HEALTHCARE

Healthcare is changing constantly even while people must rely on it. When you gather physicians, patients, caretakers, families, staff, legislators, advocates, lobbyists, and insurance companies together, they all have a story to tell. To build trust, these stories must be heard. Graphic recording is listening illustrated. But it’s only effective when the artist has a systems perspective, understands medical terminology, and cares deeply about physician and patient experiences. I am always listening and learning, just like the people changing and using healthcare every day. I have worked in healthcare more than any other area. It has become my first specialty as a graphic recorder.